Low-fee Clinic

Financial issues should not be in the way of receiving the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method®. Embody Presence offers an alternative for lower cost sessions on the last week of the month, for people who otherwise would not be in a position to experience the individual one-on-one lessons.

45 min Hands-on  Sessions

 Sliding scale: $40-50

Every last Monday (Auburn) and Thursday (Sacramento) of the month.

Between 9am to 12 noon,

Please call or e-mail to reserve a spot

( or (530) 888-9607

"I’ve attended 2 of Isel’s low cost clinics and a 3 hr workshop as well as a half dozen classes. During that time I had issues with my low back due to compression, also an injury from a yoga move, hyper extending one of my knees and also a stiff neck and shoulder. I  was able to find relief and integration at the end of the sessions. I find Isel to be knowledgeable and curious about the work she does; like pulling a thread to see where the tension is and having the body rebound. As an Occupational Therapy Assistant, I find this work simple yet profound. I highly recommend Isel and Feldenkrais". Fran Copp, Lincoln,CA