Isel Lise Lamoureux


A Journey in Movement

Isel Lise Lamoureux, GCFP

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®

I have been involved with movement and the joy of moving as long as I can remember. Born in Montréal, in French Québec, I have always been active in sports and the outdoors. Coming from a family of engineers and mathematicians, I was comfortable with Sciences and earned a College degree in Biological Sciences. At the same time, I also encountered the  pure delight of acting and theater. That is when I did a 180* turn towards Theater studies and, especially, the study of the expressive language of the body. 

Over the years, the love of body expression and movement has brought me to  experience many aspects of it, from its  aesthetic richness to understanding its key  importance in health and development. I became a Waldorf Early Childhood Educator and was the director of a private pre-school program for more than 12 years.  My  study of Spatial Dynamics to bring movement and games appropriate for children of Elementary and Secondary  school deepened my desire to work more precisely with the therapeutic aspect of movement with people of all ages.  

When I discovered The Feldenkrais Method®, I was truly  inspired by its blend of Art and Science in its approach to movement in assisting one's learning to improve health and human potential. 

I became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® in 2005. I feel honored to  be a part of this work empowering people to connect to themselves and I strive to provide the best support to all who come to me for guidance in their journey towards health and wholeness.

In my private life, I am a passionate student of neuroscience and the mind as well as a yoga enthusiast for the last 30 years. I  enjoy hiking, backpacking, biking and gardening.  

Some links to my study journey

  • Université du Québec (Montreal); Theater and Mime Studies.

  •  Spatial Dynamics Institute,  New York State: Bothmer Gymnastics and Movement Education. Sports and Games for  Elementary and Secondary school children.

  • Semio-Physics Feldenkrais:  Feldenkrais Training in San Raphael, CA. with Dennis Leri.

  • Anat Baniel Method for Children: Advanced Feldenkrais training. Specialized work with children of  special needs, addressing a wide array of neuro-muscular conditions.

  • The Feldenkrais Center for Movement Education, in San Francisco:  6 months mentorship with Master Feldenkrais trainer Deborah Bowes.

  •  Child'Space Chava Shelhav Method, an advanced Feldenkrais 2 years training:  supporting the developmental stages of infants from birth to independent walking. www.childspacemethod.c

Additional Links

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